A Men’s Guide to Styling Statement Jewelry for Any Occasion

Today’s men are in tune with their creative side and are comfortable wearing jewelry to express their style. Statement jewelry lets the world know you’re ready to be seen, and striking, eye-catching pieces are increasingly popular with guys who are confident enough to take a few risks and get noticed.

What Are Statement Pieces?

Statement pieces are typically big, bold, and attention-getting fashion or fine jewelry designs. The best statement pieces are unconventional adornments that give your look an edge and help you stand out from the crowd. From broad, textured bracelets and high-concept watches to luxe signet rings and more, statement jewelry is an extension of your personality and taste. Knowing how to style these pieces will ensure that you make the right impression on any occasion. Here are some tips for wearing statement pieces successfully whenever you’re out and about.

Casual Day Out

When you’re ready to grab a coffee or head out to the park, why not style your favorite jeans and T-shirt with a weighty, masculine pendant? Unique men’s necklaces are a surefire way to make an everyday outfit less ordinary while drawing attention to your chest and shoulders. You can also show off your wrist with a sturdy gold link or embellished leather bracelet. Pair a casual button-down shirt, open at the neck, with a bohemian-themed necklace for a casual day out.

Formal Event

For formal occasions, elevate your suit or tux with a bold ring or a dazzling pendant necklace. Jeweled statement pieces can attract all the right attention when you wear them with intention and even a touch of audacity. When it comes to transcending the normal codes of formal attire, look to the red carpet for inspiration. At the Oscars, Daniel Kaluuya paired a yellow sapphire and gold wolf ring by Boucheron with a brilliant aqua-toned jacket, while Timothée Chalamet exuded star power in a glittering Panthère de Cartier pendant.

Business Casual

Let a little levity into your look as you stay on task with a stylish, functional watch. If your office environment is highly focused on getting the job done, choose a model from well-regarded, accessible brands like Casio G-Shock, Citizen, Timex, Fossil, or Swatch that add style to your look without being ostentatious. When optics matter, look into options from mid-range and higher-end brands like Hamilton, Omega, Tag Heuer, and Rolex that are assertive but never tacky. Also, consider keeping a few single-stone, professional crest, or gold pinky rings for men on hand to add a touch of smart sophistication to your outfit.

Gallery Opening

A gallery opening is the perfect opportunity to show off your own artistic flair without being gauche. Your outfit should signal that you care about aesthetics, and avant-garde jewelry with symbolic heft is a great way to show you’re in the know. Wear a piece, like an enameled necklace or medallion pendant, that channels the spirit of the art without being too on the nose. The idea is to use your jewelry to engage with the scene and show the crowd that you’re a connoisseur of the finer things in life.

Outdoor Getaway

When you’re headed outdoors, choose jewelry that is durable enough to handle the action. A securely fastened braided cord or gold chain necklace can look fine on a leisurely hike or an apple-picking trip. If you’re planning a day that’s a bit more rough-and-tumble, consider wearing a close-fitting woven bracelet or a digital sports watch with a colorful case or bezel and a bright nylon or rubber strap.

Night on the Town

A night out on the town calls for a bit of bling. A chunky diamond Cuban link chain can add a bit of fire to a refined, fine-knit tee worn under a blazer, or you can add an edgy stud or spike earring if you’re headed to the club. This is the perfect time to go all out, indulge your fantasies, and add a little dazzle with brilliant gems, shining pearls, and polished precious metals.

Beach Vacation

When you’re out at the beach, wear jewelry that’s right for the oceanside environment as well as its vibe. If you plan to go swimming with your bling on, make sure it’s solid gold, platinum, or sterling silver. These metals can stand up to saltwater, which can corrode some other materials.

Channel your spiritual side at the beach with a stone or wood-bead necklace paired with a rumpled linen button-down shirt, or add a touch of sunshine with a shell or cord bracelet or a carved pendant. These are sure to spark a conversation whether you’re headed to the boardwalk or drinking cocktails at the cabana.

City Outing

If you’re heading to the city for dinner, drinks, or the theater, accessorize your jacket with a bold bracelet or chunky chain necklace in shining, precious metal. Keep the look strong but elegant by wearing elevated, rich fabrics that project a focused yet relaxed demeanor that shows you know how to enjoy good times with friends and the best life has to offer.

Make All the Right Moves With Stylish Statement Jewelry

With men’s jewelry trends becoming more individualistic and fashion-forward, wearing statement pieces is the perfect way to give your style personality. As you’re putting your look together, remember that wearing one or two key pieces at a time will pack the most punch. Wearing a distinctive design shows you’re in tune with the times and ready to handle anything with courage and a smile. If you pick pieces that resonate with your spirit and wear them with confidence, you’ll make a great impression.

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