How to make your kitchen more comfortable: 12 expert tips

The kitchen is one of those rooms in the house where functionality and ergonomics are extremely important. Comfortably organized space will save you time, make everyday life easier and turn daily cooking from a routine into a pleasant pastime. Let’s find out how to make your kitchen really comfortable, regardless of space and configuration by Yagupov.

1. start with your own needs

Surely every housewife would love to have a “recipe” for the perfect, “right” set. But the secret is that this simply does not exist. Even the recommendations that are given by famous designers that a large family needs all four burners, or a young couple should give up the table, may be completely useless in your case.

When choosing the configuration of the set and the selection of furniture based only on your own needs, preferences and rhythm of life .

2. Don’t give up on the right appliances

Even if the space in the kitchen is resolutely lacking, do not deny it functionality, and yourself – the most necessary appliances. How can you do it, if the kitchen is tiny and all the necessary things do not fit? Here are some tips:

  • Move storage, appliances, or even functional areas outside the kitchen. The refrigerator in the hallway, a coffee bar in the bedroom, a dining area in the living room or on the balcony – why not, if you can’t do otherwise;
  • Connect adjacent areas, such as the loggia or corridor;
  • Choose compact appliances;
  • Consider 2-in-1 appliances: an oven-dishwasher or a microwave-grill.

3. Choose your sink wisely

Choosing the right sink is an important element of a comfortable kitchen. Before you choose a sink, think about what’s important to you:

  • Those who cook a lot and often, the most roomy model is the best;
  • If you have a dishwasher, a more compact version might be the right choice;
  • For a unique, high-status kitchen, opt for a designer sink that you can be proud of;
  • For small kitchens, where every centimeter counts, the ergonomically-designed models are ideal, especially for compact sets.

4. Add light

Lighting in the kitchen is another important point. Designers advise to use natural light as much as possible, and to provide at least three options of artificial light:

  • General light;
  • Technical lighting and backlighting of the work area;
  • Local light. For example, above a dining group or a bar counter.

But it does not have to be limited to that: you can also add decorative lighting – garlands, sconces, lanterns, candles, etc.

5. Combine open and closed storage

There are quite a few supporters of open storage in the kitchen – and probably just as many fans of closed kitchen cabinets. However, the optimal for most hostesses most often turns out to be the “golden mean” – a combination of open shelves and rails and closed storage.

6. Think about a faucet with additional functions

Not only the sink can please with additional functions, but also the faucet: for example, there are models with retractable showers and portioned water supply. There are also options that offer filtered, sparkling water straight from the tap or even boiling water. Not to mention faucets that save water.

7. Consider the interior filling

The more carefully you think about the interior filling of cabinets, the more stuff your kitchen will hold – and the easier it will be to keep things organized. Pay attention to:

  • boxes, baskets, containers;
  • organizers;
  • dividers and inserts;
  • extra shelves;
  • hooks;
  • pull-out modules, etc.

8. Organize your trash

Providing a special separate drawer is the best way to organize your trash. By making one large drawer with separate small containers for separate trash, you’ll not only make cleaning easier, but you’ll also benefit the environment.

Use different colors for the garbage cans to avoid confusion, or sign each garbage can’s purpose on its lid.

9. Don’t skimp on security

There are things on which you can save money: even high-end designers consider it reasonable to combine expensive interior elements with budget ones. But the things that are directly related to your safety – wiring, appliances, faucets, windows – should definitely not be spared.

10. Turn to modern accessories

Modern manufacturers offer a variety of accessories to help optimize storage and maintain order:

  • shelf inserts and dividers for drawers;
  • overhead organizers;
  • magnetic knife holders;
  • railing systems and related accessories;
  • smartphone or tablet holders that attach to kitchen rails, and much more.

11. Remember the important little things

It’s the little things that make our lives more convenient; we shouldn’t forget about them. For example, additional outlets in the kitchen will always come in handy. And if they’re “smart” – and controlled from your smartphone – that’s even better! And door closers that help doors and drawers close smoothly are a useful addition, aren’t they?

12. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box

Shelves in the window opening, storage above the door or the apron – slate board? Why not, if such solutions meet your personal immediate needs and make your kitchen more comfortable?

Don’t be afraid of unconventional design tricks. Just because no one does it doesn’t mean you can’t do it

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