The Best Hiking Trails and Outdoor Adventures in Los Angeles

If you love hiking, you may have visited your share of mountainous areas in search of beautiful vistas. From Appalachia to the wooded Pacific Northwest, there are plenty of areas throughout the country that are known for their amazing hiking opportunities.

While Los Angeles is not necessarily known for its hiking opportunities or outdoor recreation, there are still some amazing hiking and outdoor options in The City of Angels. If you haven’t yet visited LA with the express purpose of getting outside, make a plan to do so today. Here are the best hiking trails and outdoor adventures in Los Angeles:

Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon is located in the Hollywood Hills and is a popular hiking trail in the area. If you are heading to LA, and you enjoy hiking, plan to make a stop at Runyon Canyon. If you want a more relaxed and laid back walk, there is a paved path to follow a smaller loop. 

If you like a challenging hike, there is a hiking trail at Runyon Canyon that features an uphill climb and some rocky terrain. The challenge will be worth it when you see the stunning views of the city that the hike can offer. 

Some bonuses of Runyon Canyon include possible celebrity sightings, since celebrities like to hike this trail, and off-leash areas for dog lovers to let their dogs run around freely.

Griffith Park

Griffith Park is an urban park located right in the heart of LA. This massive green space offers hiking trails at a variety of levels, which will appeal to beginners looking for a less challenging hike and experienced hikers looking to get their adrenaline pumping.

The hiking trails offer amazing views of the city and the surrounding mountains, and there are also scenic sections that run through canyons. A bonus of Griffith Park is that it is so much more than just hiking trails. Griffith Park is home to the Griffith Observatory, several playgrounds, picnic areas, and sports facilities. So you can plan a whole day of outdoor fun around your hiking trip to Griffith Park.

Malibu Creek State Park

If you don’t mind a minor trip outside the city, head to Malibu Creek State Park for some beautiful hiking scenery. Malibu Creek State Park is located in the Santa Monica Mountains and is only a short drive from LA.

This state park features several gorgeous hiking trails, the most popular of which is probably Malibu Creek Trail, which follows a pretty creek through a canyon. If you want to plan a whole day or weekend there, you can also plan fish, camp, or go horseback riding.

If you hadn’t considered LA an outdoor city before, but have fallen in love with it after checking out some of these popular hiking spots, you may find yourself checking out Los Angeles apartments for rent so you can enjoy them year round. Whether you visit or make a permanent move, you will love these great outdoor spots in Los Angeles. 

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